"With their second full-length album, Tropicália-reggae band Kiwi has redefined this subgenre of reggae music even further. Comprised of eight talented musicians in New York and Jersey City, Kiwi manages to successfully incorporate the complexity of jazz, reggae, and Latin flavor into a sonically delightful treat." – Inity Weekly


"The opening track, Aprendiz, blends tropicalia and anthemic rock over a rootsy groove, like a Brazilian John Brown’s Body. The second track, Burden, is a killer singalong, the first of several rocksteady-style numbers that remind of vintage early 70s Toots & the Maytals. They go for a pensive Marley feel with Change and then add spaghetti western touches and Augustus Pablo-ish melodica on the apprehensively jungly Dead Man, which segues into an unexpectedly weird, trippy atmospheric interlude…" – New York Music Daily


"Rooted in reggae rhythms and tropicália-inspired melodies, Kiwi dynamically fuses jazz and soulful grooves into a uniquely uplifting sound. Following the release of 2010’s Mischief Reigns, and tours around the Northeast and Brazil, the 8-piece outfit will release their much anticipated album, On the Move February, 21st, 2013…" – The Pier


"Latin America has long opened our ears to the potential when you fortify the reggae beat but remain true to the roots. Kiwi is a Jersey City band that continues the process. As Antibalas has done for afrobeat, The Slackers for ska…[the] New York/New Jersey cultural incubator continues reviving global music On The Move. Muy Greenwich Village meets Brazil, classically raised and folkloric singer/songwriter Alex Tea’s energies are infused in Kiwi’s music. His vibe is uplifting without the Rastafarian dogma. It’s English with no attempt at patois. It’s lyrically intriguing and it’s hooky as hell… love that squelchy backline. A full-on 8 piece, Kiwi fills out the groove with a complete complement of horns and harmonies. On The Move moves from those reggae fundamentals through the verses to Beatlesque choruses, wanky solos, intricate horn punctuations and lots more…" – Worldbeat Canada – Cal Koat


"With a thumping horn section, tight rhythm section, groovy melody, and gripping vocals you would think Kiwi would be too heavy for a reggae band, but no, their music floats and rests lightly on your senses." – HypeTree


"Kiwi is a fast-rising star in the Tri-State alternative music scene with its unique signature sound grounded in roots rhythm." – Poptimes Magazine